Changes to the Family Law Act

This week changes to the Family Law Act 1975 came into effect. These changes relate to parenting matters. There has been no changes to financial matters. The major changes include: To read more about the changes, please review the Attorney-General’s Department – Family Law Changes from May 2024 – Factsheet for parents and parties. This … Read more

Why it is important to consider superannuation in a family law property settlement?

I will often meet with clients who will say to me “I don’t want to include superannuation in a property settlement” or “John worked hard for his superannuation, I don’t want to touch it”.  Usually in discussing this further with the client, I will discover that the client will not have given consideration to all … Read more

Why is a handshake deal not good enough? Formalising your property settlement

Unfortunately, over the years I have seen too many clients who have worked out an agreement regarding their financial/property settlement with their ex and “shook hands on the deal” or  perhaps they might have written out the agreement on a piece of paper and both signed it.  Then at a later date their ex reneges … Read more