Initial Consultation

CLT Family Law offers a fixed fee initial consultation for $330 (inc GST).

During this consultation we can advise you on family law matters including children and parenting issues, property and financial matters and divorce;

From initial consultation you can expect to leave with an understanding of your legal issue, preliminary advice as to your options and what action to take next and an estimate of the costs involved of further action.

There are no additional costs and no ongoing obligations associated with your fixed cost initial consultation meeting.

We may end your initial consultation at 60 minutes, but if we go longer there is no additional charge.

What Do I Bring To My Appointment?

Generally It is not necessary for you to bring anything with you. However:

  • For advice with property concerns, it is helpful for you have a list of your assets (including superannuation) and liabilities and the estimated values. You may wish to use our Assets & Liability Schedule.
  • If you are seeking advice as to the enforcement or contravention of previously made Court Orders, that you bring those orders with you;
  • If you have been served with Court documents by the other party or are seeking representation in a matter already before the Court, that you bring the Court documents with you.