Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Family dispute resolution (FDR) is a specialised type of mediation to help families workout arrangements for their children and property post separation.

How Family Dispute Resolution Can Help You

FDR can help you and your former partner work out your property or children’s arrangements after separation or a bump in the road with children’s arrangements later on.

This is a more cost effective option than Court and if you have children, it is more likely to help you achieve an amicable co-parenting relationship.

Local and Affordable

Sunny Futures Mediation is based in Townsville.  We offer in person, telephone and online mediation.

We offer affordable prices as we know post searation finances can be strained.

Knowing that it may be difficult to take time off work, we also offer after hours and weekend sessions.

Why mediation?

Relationship breakdowns can be a difficult time for parties and FDR can help parties to reach an agreement on some or all of parenting and property disputes.

Family Dispute Resolution:

  • is a speciality area of mediation, where the mediators (also known as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners or FDRP’s) are required to undertake specialised training and be approved by Attorney Generals Department.
  • is a facilitated discussion to help parties to reach a agreement about their family law dispute, whether it be children or property issues. 
  • allows parties to resolve their family law issues in a flexible and an effective manner.

If parties are able to reach an agreement, they will be able to record in a parenting plan, parenting and/or property Consent Orders.

Contact your local Townsville FDRP today to discuss how FDR can assist you with resolving your family law disputes.

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