Consent Orders – Children

At CLT Family Law we can assist you by preparing an Application for Consent Orders in relation to children’s matters.

If parents have reached an agreement for child custody and other parenting matters and wish to have the agreement formalised into Court orders, we can prepare the necessary documentation to have the orders made by the Court by Consent. We note that the Court must consider whether the orders applied for are in the best interests of the child.

Parents may have reached the agreement though participation in Family Dispute Resolution or though negotiation between the parties on their own or with the assistance of a third party such as their lawyers.

Consent Orders Children, Parenting Arrangements, Child Custody

The benefit of having your arrangements for the children formalised by Court Orders, as opposed to a parenting plan is that they are enforceable by the Court.  A parenting plan would be considered but the Court is not bound by it.  

Orders may also be required to implement such matters as the child or children being listed on the Airport Watch list.