What is Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Dispute Resolution is mediation with a mediator who has been specially trained to assist families post separation to work out arrangements for children and property.

Do I have to be in the same room as my former partner?

Not necessarily.  There are benefits to face to face mediation but this is not always suitable or practicable.  Our mediators will discuss options for mediation at your intake interview.

What types of mediation are there?
  • Face to Face – a mediation where the parties are in the same room or environment with each other.
  • Shuttle – a mediation where the parties are in their own room or environment and the mediator moves between them.  
  • Legally assisted – a mediation where one or both of you have lawyers present.  
  • Online – a mediation where the parties are in separate locations and connect by an online platform such as Zoom
Do I have to attend mediation?

Generally before commencing proceedings you should attempt to reach an agreement with the other party, however, there are some circumstances that this may not be appropriate in your matter.  Discuss this with the mediator or your lawyer.

Are you based in Townsville?

Yes.   Carmel moved to Townsville to be closer to her family after living interstate for many years.

What if one party doesn’t live in Townsville?

That’s okay, we offer mediation by video conferencing and phone and can facilitate mediations for parties located anywhere in Australia or even overseas.

If you have any further questions about What is Family Dispute Resolution, give us a call.