Child Support

Both parents are liable to financially support their children until they turn 18 years old or have ceased full time secondary education.

Child Support is calculated with regards to the income of the parents, the number and age or children and the care arrangements for the children. They will also take into account children from other relationships. There is an online calculator which you can use to estimate Child Support.

Some parents enter into a private agreement with regards to child support, where they agree an amount of child support and make their own payment arrangements.  For some parents, this remains an informal arrangement but others formalise this though a Binding Child Support Agreement.

Child Support

Some parents will ask Child Support to calculate their payments and then make their own payment arrangements. Other parents will make an application to Child Support and then have Child Support also deal with collection.

In most circumstances, child support will just be calculated administratively by the Child Support Agency. However, there may be a time where you will ask the Child Support to make a special assessment of the child support you pay or receive.

Occasionally, some parents will negotiate a lump sum child support payment.  In most circumstances, this will be at the time parties are negotiating their financial settlement, at which point you will likely enter into a Binding Child Support Agreement.

At CLT Family Law we can provide you:

  • with advice on Child Support issues;
  • advice and support to you in changing or challenging your assessment;
  • Prepare and advise you on Limited Child Support Agreements or Binding Child Support Agreements; and
  • with referrals for advice on taxation effects (such as Family Tax Benefits) and other financial issues.

To apply for child support, go to the Services Australia website.