About Us

Carmel Torney, Accredited Family Law Specialist, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Parenting Coordinator

Sunny Futures Mediation was established in 2021 to assist separated couples to mediate agreements about children and property issues (Family Law Mediation).

Sunny Futures Mediation aims to assist parties to reach an agreement in an independent and cost effective manner.

Sunny Futures Mediation has since expanded to offer Parenting Coordination services.

Carmel Torney operates Sunny Futures Mediation.

Carmel has long recognised that mediation can assist parties to reduce conflict and improve co-parenting after separation.

Carmel first chaired property mediations in 2012, whilst practising as a lawyer in Western Australia.

In 2021, Carmel completed her Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution and became a family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP) and moved her focus to family law mediation to help Townsville families reach a resolution and minimise dispute.

Carmel completed training as a Parenting Coordinator in 2022 and expanded Sunny Futures Mediation to offer these services.