Welcome to CLT Family Law

Welcome to CLT Family Law

A little bit about Carmel….

Carmel was born in Queensland and grew up in Queensland and the Northern Territory.  She has lived in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.  Carmel moved to Townsville from Brisbane during Covid to be closer to and to support her parents and grandmother.

For hobbies, Carmel enjoys renovating her home or relaxing watching some scifi or just reading a book.  Carmel is a keen scuba diver and traveller, so these hobbies combine well together, check out some of her dive photos on this website.

Carmel has been a lawyer since 2000, although she took 3 years away from law to get management and business experience working for a large corporation.  When she returned to law, Carmel she started specialising in family law and has continued ever since, developing her expertise in family law.

Carmel has graduate and post graduate qualifications in both law and business, she is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and a Parenting Coordinator.  Carmel undertook training as an ICL and was an ICL for Legal Aid WA and NT Legal Aid.

So whether your family law matter is financial/property or parenting/children, Carmel has the expertise and experience to assist you.