My former spouse wants to do a property settlement.  What should I do?

My former spouse wants to do a property settlement.  What should I do?

Property Settlement

You have been separated for days, weeks, months or even years and your former spouse has now contacted you and asked you discuss a property settlement.  Maybe you have thought about it or maybe you are still processing the relationship ending or maybe you even thought that it was all sorted.  Regardless of where your thoughts are at, you consider what is the next step you take before answering.

If you also think it is time to sort out or formalise your arrangements with your former spouse, CLT Family Law recommends it is time to get some expert family law advice about the process and your next steps.

If you thought it was all sorted, did you enter into an Application for Consent Orders about property matters, have you been to Court about property matters or have you entered into a Financial Agreement (this is a special agreement under the Family Law Act 1975 where each of you had lawyers giving you advice)? If the answer to these questions is “no”, you should get some legal advice from an expert family lawyer.

If you haven’t considered a property settlement, then maybe you need more time as you process the separation but ignoring your former spouse on the issue may end you up in Court.   CLT Family Law recommends you attend an initial consultation to find out where you stand, out of what your options are, get preliminary advice about the outcomes and find out what the process could look like for you.

Getting expert family law advice from an Accredited Family Law Specialist can help you sort your property and financial matters out with your former spouse in the most cost-effective way for your circumstances. Contact your local Townsville expert Family Lawyer, Carmel Torney, Accredited Family Law Specialist at CLT Family Law.